HoopPath: Portland (March. 30-April 1, 2018) Tickets


HoopPath: Portland (March. 30-April 1, 2018) Tickets

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Charles Jordan Community Center
9009 N Foss
Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (503) 823-3631


Friday, 3/30/2018 (Doors open: 6 pm for warmup.  Class begins 6:10pm- 9:00pm)-  Footwork & Flow & Danc

Saturday, 3/31/2018 (Doors open: 1 pm for warmup.  Class begins 1:15pm- 5:00pm)-  Mastery and Skill building

Sunday, 4/1/2018 (Doors open: 1:00 pm for warmup.  Class begins 1:15pm- 5:00pm)- Movement Meditation & Creativity


(Each day will begin with 10-15 minutes of socializing and warming up, so don't worry if you're running late!)

The Short blurb:

This is my last traveling hoop tour.   I have decided to teach a workshop based on the story of my last 15.5 years of hoop dance.  Each day I will put together a workshop based on the history of my hoop practice and hoop teaching.  My hope is that by basing this tour on my “flow story” I will help others see and explore their own hoop stories.  My intent is that each day will will be a movement journey of movement and imagination.

(Each day will include on and off body hooping.)

Friday:  When I first got into hooping it was all about flow and dance for me.  On Friday night, I will offer a workshop of full of exercises and stories that will help free up our flow and our expression.  I’ll explain how myth became a big part of my hooping and teaching and how hooping helped me love life more than I ever had. We will be working with stories, blindfolds, and different musical grooves.

Saturday:  Flow and Skill Building-  This day will be about building the skills that have become the bedrock of the HoopPath curriculum.  This will include on and off body hooping techniques that I have taught and developed over the last 12 years of my teaching.  I will teach these techniques by telling the stories that inspired their creation.  Although this is a day for building skill, I will make sure to create a balance between learning and free, creative self expression. 

Sunday:  Flow, Meditation, and Creativity— As much as I love learning new things and dancing, it has been the meditative qualities of hoop dance that have meant the most to me.  Before hooping, I had not yet made the connection between movement and inner contentment.  On Sunday, I will share the stories and exercises that have opened the most doors for me in this way.  The vibe of this day will be more chill, peaceful, and expressive than the other days.  

The Longer Blurb:

Flow Story Tour

My name is Baxter and I have been a hooper since late 2001.  In 2005, I began teaching a local hoop class in Carrboro, NC.  By 2007, I was traveling and teaching hoop dance as a movement practice all over the US.  Over the last 8 years I would travel to cities all over the US, Canada, and (to a lesser degree) the UK year after year.  I began to call teaching this cycle of cities, “touring.”  

My workshops have evolved over that time, but have remained true to certain core themes:  

1.  Hooping as dance
2.  Hooping as self care
3.  Hooping as a path to Authenticity

My workshops are inside, private, and climate controlled.  95% of the time the music is played through high quality sound systems and I use a mic.  My students run the ages of 17-70+.  The workshops are set up in a rhythm of, “teach, then do.”  That means, I talk a bit and show a technique or concept, then I play whole songs so that you, the student, have time to find your way with it.   I do not teach tricks or trick sequences, because I don’t flow that way in my own hoop practice.  I try to teach moves and concepts that I believe will open doors within the student that will be unique to them.  

My repertoire and skillset with the hoop includes on-body and off-body hooping.  I hoop on my own almost every day for around 2 hours, 5-6 days a week.  I’m as fit as I have ever been, and I am a lot better at handling life’s ups and downs because of my hoop practice.  It’s because of my own hoop story that I teach the way I do: hooping for me is not about anyone else’s enjoyment, but mine.  It’s cool when other people like it, but that’s not why I do it everyday.

After 12 years of teaching professionally and traveling almost every weekend, I have reached a point in my life when I am ready to explore other artistic possibilities and career opportunities, therefore I have decided that this will be my last hoop teaching tour.  I will still teach locally and occasionally for hire, but I will no longer maintain my circuit of cities.   

So, this is my last time around, essentially.

Although I have used many teaching techniques over the years, the one technique that has proven to be the most impactful and most popular has been my use of storytelling.  It may sound weird, but from the very beginning of my teaching I have told movement stories.  The stories are based on myths I have written and developed into movement exercises.  On this tour, I plan to teach most of the workshop this way.  I fear that this approach may confuse some people, and even keep others away, but when I asked my long time supporters what they wanted most from my last tour the resounding response was “more stories!”  So, here you go.  


There is no required skill set, but the workshops are athletic.  

Each Workshop begins 15 minutes after the start time, to allow people to stretch and warm-up before class.

We begin the workshop by sitting in "Circle."  At this time, we'll introduce ourselves to each other, I'll go over my ideas for the class, and we'll decide how much flow vs skill building we want for that day.  (There will always be some skill building each day, no matter what.  Even when I teach pure flow classes, skills are improved upon.)

You will not be asked to perform or demonstrate at any point in the class.  

I teach to all skill levels and ages (of adults) on a regular basis.  

My teaching emphasizes whole body movement (while hooping) which means the classes are reasonably athletic.  Many of my students choose to make them VERY athletic.  (This is something we can vote on.) Either way, you will want to dress appropriately.

You will need to bring your own hoop, blindfold, and water.  Bringing snacks is not a bad idea, either. 

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